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Sport Management Minor

Benjamin Milliet

On Sunday, April 7th I volunteered for the Texas Senior Games at their Track & Field event from 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm. I was assigned to update the race results at the medal table and post the results for the athletes to see. My job mostly consisted of running back and forth from the press box to receive the results. This is the last Senior Games event I am able to volunteer for and I look forward to making time for next years games!

Gave 3.00 hours on 04/07/2019 with Center for Experiential Learning and Career Success, Community Service Experience (3000) - Section 1, Service-Learning, Trinity University
Benjamin Milliet

On April 5th I volunteered at the Texas Senior Games during their Men's 3v3 basketball tournament. I spent the day carrying around boxes and waters as well as keeping team stats and running the game clock. The games throughout the day were competitive and fun to watch. I'd recommend volunteering for any of the Senior Games' events.

Gave 5.00 hours on 04/05/2019 with Center for Experiential Learning and Career Success, Community Service Experience (3000) - Section 1, Trinity University
Olivia Thomas

I had another great day volunteering at the Texas Senior Games. My job on the second day was a bit more involved. I was the scorekeeper/bookkeeper for court 1. There were games back to back non-stop and I was paired with Pam the kind Trinity grad who I had met the day before and she was changing the visual flag board, while I updated her on the score. It was a bit tricky the first game to get the hang of things because the referee had a certain way she wanted me to tally points and since things move so fast in volleyball you have to pay constant attention to who is serving and what team gets what point. However, after the first game I got the hang of recording the scores and paying close attention to the game.

I really enjoyed being able to play a critical role in helping keep score, but also getting to watch the men play volleyball at the same time. I encountered the same friendliness from the participants as the day before, most of the guys were 50-70 years old and very nice and funny. Many had been playing volleyball since college and they were very appreciative to all the volunteers who were there to help out. I thoroughly enjoyed my time volunteering at the two Texas Senior Games and I want to continue volunteering at more of their events in the future because I got recommendations from others in terms of sports that are incredible to see the skill that seventy-year old's can maintain. Next, I think I will try to volunteer at Track and Field and Basketball and I hope I encounter some of the kind people I met this weekend.

Gave 4.50 hours on 03/30/2019 with Sport Management Minor
Benjamin Milliet

Over the weekend I was able to volunteer for two events with the Texas Senior Games. I spent my Saturday watching the 60+ age group hit dingers in the softball tournament, and then consequently chasing down said dingers in the parking lot. On Sunday, I watched as nearly 30 marksmen took aim during the archery competition and assisted in finding the arrows that missed their target. These were the first two of many events I plan on attending during this year's Senior Games.

Gave 9.00 hours between 03/30/2019 and 03/31/2019 with Community Service Experience (3000) - Section 1, Trinity University
Olivia Thomas

I volunteered at the Softball Texas Senior Games. I had somehow never heard of the Texas Senior Games before stumbling upon these volunteering event opportunities posted on GivePulse. It was really awesome to see so many seventy-year-old men who were still competitively playing on sports teams and staying not only physically fit, but engaged with the world of sports. Everyone there was extremely friendly and I talked to some of the guys who were playing and they told me how they had been "playing ball since college" and I thought it was really awesome to see how they had found new teams and new friends through continuing to incorporate sport into their lives. The three other women I volunteered with were also very friendly. One was a woman who graduated from Trinity in '78 and we had a great conversation about her experience being in ROTC when it existed, and how much she loved her time there and all the people she met. Her name was Pam and she was very interested to hear about my time at Trinity and how things had changed, but also what I loved about the University and how many of the things I think makes Trinity incredible aligned with her opinions.

In regards to actual volunteering experiences, there were only four teams and three volunteers along with two staff members. I stayed an extra hour and a half because the games were delayed over an hour since the teams were only playing on one softball field because they wouldn't rent out the other fields since there were only four teams total. There weren't many tasks to do except for help give teams fruit, occasionally chase balls that were hit out of the field in a home run, and sell t-shirts. The good part about not being too busy was that it did allow me to engage with the participants and the other two volunteers and the two women who worked for Texas Senior Games, which I really enjoyed. I got to watch the games and see how the level of competition really varied based on the teams. There was one team that was incredible and I was amazed that everyone on the team was seventy years or older because of their speed and strength. Overall, I had a good experience and look forward to my next event with Texas Senior Games.

Gave 5.00 hours on 03/29/2019 with Sport Management Minor
Benjamin Milliet

I volunteered to assist with the 2019 San Antonio Sports Hall of Fame Gala's auction table. All patrons were dressed to the 'T', and it was my job to encourage bidding and answers any questions I could about the bidding process or the event itself.

Gave 7.00 hours on 03/09/2019 with Community Service Experience (3000) - Section 1, Trinity University
Benjamin Milliet

I volunteered for the Kinetic Kidz Basketball program that lasted 6 weeks for 3 hours every Thursday. Having the opportunity and time to help the disadvantaged kids that KK serves is truly a highlight of my experience here at Trinity. I thoroughly enjoy watching the kids grow more comfortable with playing and seeing them excited to be enjoying sports without their limitations holding them back.

Gave 18.00 hours between 01/24/2019 and 02/28/2019 with Community Service Experience (3000) - Section 1, Trinity University
Benjamin Milliet

I volunteered to run the scoreboard and official score sheets for the 2019 Texas Senior Games Ladies three-on-three Basketball Tournament. This is the second year I have volunteered for this event, and I was even more impressed than the first time around. The age range for these young women is fifty-five to ninety plus, yes ninety year olds are playing three on three basketball and they will bust a jumper in your face.I especially enjoy working with the staff at the Texas Senior Games and plan to volunteer for the full week of tournament games at the end of March!

Gave 5.00 hours on 01/19/2019 with Center for Experiential Learning and Career Success, Service-Learning, Trinity University
Benjamin Milliet

I volunteered to be apart of the 2018 Valero Alamo Bowl Fan Experience Team. Prior to the game, we walked the concourse and parking lots outside of the stadium to answer fan questions, take pictures, and hand out free koozies and glasses! We were directly involved with the Valero Alamo Bowl Staff and they are great to work with! I plan to continue my streak of volunteering with the Valero Alamo Bowl next year!

Gave 10.00 hours on 12/28/2018 with Center for Experiential Learning and Career Success, Trinity University
Olivia Thomas

I volunteered with San Antonio Sports and worked the Expo/Race Pickup for the Rock and Roll Marathon and other races. I was giving T-shirts and bags to racegoers with fellow San Antonio Sports volunteers. The past two years I have volunteered during the actual race so it was nice to do something different and see how things worked before the race. Everyone was very kind and it was fun to see how excited everyone was to run and the big community that forms around sports and running specifically. There were certain people who had told me about how they had worked up to the half marathon or the 5K and it was cool that even though I was only giving out t-shirts I got to help better their experience.

Gave 4.00 hours on 11/30/2018 with San Antonio Sports, Trinity University
Williston Symonds

For the Spurs game, I volunteered with Silver and Black Give Back to sell Fiesta shirts and medals. We were positioned throughout the concourse with a table and all of the medals and shirts that were were selling for the game. We sat at the table approximately two hours before tip off through the end of halftime and sold merchandise. We used cash payments and POS sales through an iPad for customers looking to use electronic payment. As supplies ran out at various tables throughout the arena, I would be in charge of communicating with Kelly to move shirts of various sizes to those areas. All of the proceeds benefit SBGB and their different programming and this is one of their largest fundraisers of the year.
Being a charity organization, they are dependent on fundraising to accomplish all of their goals so it is essential that they do a good job promoting and executing programs like this. With such a small staff, volunteers are critical to their operation and getting as much fundraising done as possible. They simply do not have the staff to set up tables all over the arena for every game so volunteers like ourselves help keep everything running smoothly. Besides our class who was there for school credit, there were many volunteers who were adults who did it purely to help out with Silver and Black Give Back.
Using this experience going forward, there were many things I took from this experience that will help me in my career. First and foremost, the challenge of making sales and being a “salesman” in what you do is critical to being successful. At first, we would passively wait to be approached by fans looking to purchase gear. We soon realized, fans were not going to initiate the sale unless they were extremely interested in what we were providing. We soon started initiating conversation and promoting what we were selling. We found a lot more success with this approach and saw our sales increase tremendously. Even if they didn’t buy anything, drawing in fans to our table and explaining our operation did a lot more for our sales then hoping fans would come to us. I also gained a lot of experience operating point of sale equipment and managing credit card payments. There was a lot of customers trying to purchase through this method and keeping up with signatures and typing up orders was a useful skill for me to learn going forward. I also learned from the adults who volunteered with us the power of service and that just because you aren't a student or are fulfilling class credit, doesn’t mean you cannot help others in need. I plan on using that lesson in the future and continuing to participate in service and helping others for good.

Gave 5.00 hours on 04/22/2018
Williston Symonds

Westwood One Radio Row Ambassador- For this opportunity, we worked with Westwood One as ambassadors for a bunch of high profile athletes, coaches, and analysts. We made sure they stuck to their schedules and got in and out of interviews on time. More importantly, we were hospitable to them and made sure they had a great experience with radio row. The biggest takeaway for me was that athletes and coaches, even though they are famous, are still just regular people that enjoy building new relationships. I was able to chat with a lot of big names in the college basketball world, but when it came down to it, we usually didn't even discuss basketball. Being friendly and caring about what you do is essential in this industry and I saw first hand how effective it was during this opportunity.

Gave 18.00 hours between 03/28/2018 and 03/29/2018
Benjamin Milliet

On February twenty-fourth I volunteered as the long-jump pit-raker for the Trinity Open Track meet from 10:30 am until 2:00 pm. This was my second year in a row volunteering for the Trinity Open Track meet and the only difference from last year’s meet and now is the advent of the brand new scoreboard. Towering over the Prassel parking garage and loud as can be, I thought this board would greatly advance the experience of the athletes as well as the volunteers. However, sadly, the use of the board was quite underwhelming. Granted, the board improved the overall experience of the meet by updating real time finishes, standings, and was loud enough to announce the races so that all participants could hear and know exactly what was going on and who was up next. The information displayed on the big board would only pertain to the current race and how those athletes were finishing. However, all of this displayed information only took up half to a third of the full size of the screen, leaving most of the screen as just a basic maroon background. Granted this is one of the first uses of the board so I don’t blame anyone for not having all the bells and whistles set up just yet, but here at Trinity we strive for excellence on the track, soccer pitch, baseball/softball diamond, football field, etc. and I think that the use of our scoreboard should reflect that. Add in some graphics, use our logos, pictures of our athletes/the winners, upcoming and previous races? The scoreboard is a big investment for Trinity athletics and we should leverage that as much as possible. Moving forward, I will keep this event in mind when it comes to putting on events and leveraging all of the assets available to me to the best of their ability in order to create truly impactful events.

Gave 3.50 hours on 02/24/2018 with Center for Experiential Learning and Career Success, Service-Learning, Sport Management Minor
Benjamin Milliet

I volunteered for the Texas Senior Games: Ladies 3v3 Basketball Tournament at the Barshop Jewish Community Center on Friday, January 20th from 8:30 am until 1:00 pm. My job was to run the clock and scoreboard while coordinating the next teams’ stat sheet/roster. The job was very simple, but I was able to see the minute details that coordinators put in to make these events run smoothly. Things like having a set of rules and written out instructions to clock management so that volunteers and new referees have a quick reference guide to learn from and refer back to. What I enjoyed the most by far was the sheer competition that some of these ladies have. These women are 55+ years old and as aged as high as 80, and they would compete very toughly. Many women playing most of the long games (15-minute halves; running clock) and still being able to put up and make shots at their age was awesome. Don’t be fooled and think that all these shots are slow-motion lay-ups; these women have range! One 70 year old made 6 three-pointers in a single half. The resilience these ladies showed me during the tournament showed me that, as an event coordinator/organizer, you can give people of all ages memorable experiences doing things they love and more importantly using sport to empower themselves to continue to strive for better. Creating these kinds of opportunities for people is something I enjoy being a part of and hope to someday facilitate these type of events myself.

Gave 4.50 hours on 01/20/2018 with Center for Experiential Learning and Career Success, Service-Learning, Sport Management Minor
Williston Symonds

For this volunteer opportunity, we were working directly with the Fan Experience team in a role that was similar to a walking help desk. We were armed with information about security, stadium directions, parking, services, and anything fans would potentially need for their gameday experience. We walked around the fan fest for the majority of the time going down the streets with a huge sign so that all the fans could ask questions. We also carried around gear so that we could interact and hand out glasses and koozies to fans. Finally, our responsibilities included guiding fans out of the stadium and facilitating Uber and Lyft pickups. My biggest takeaway from this role is that the little things are very important in the sports industry. Most people wouldn’t think a small team of volunteers handing out little gifts and being friendly with fans would be a big deal, but the VAB was very passionate about our participation and friendliness. I also learned that the industry is quickly changing and you have to be able to adapt. We would get texts and would have our supervisors call on us to quickly change what we were doing or assist in other ways and you have to be prepared and committed to do so.

Gave 10.00 hours on 12/28/2017 with Trinity University