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The Children’s Shelter was established in 1901 for a reason — To provide a safe refuge for children who were abused, abandoned and neglected. In the early 1990s, The Children’s Shelter and Glenda Woods would cross paths and neither would be the same again. She began volunteering with The Children’s Shelter, holding babies and playing with toddlers. Her affinity for children and keeping them safe was clearly seen by those who knew her. Her passion for the agency’s mission led to an invitation for board service. In the fall of 1993, Glenda Woods joined The Children’s Shelter Board of Trustees where she would later become the first and to date the only honorary lifetime member.

As a Trustee, Glenda assumed a number of leadership positions which included: Chair of the Executive Committee, Fundraising Committee, Investment Committee and Co-Chair of the 2006 capital campaign that raised over 14 million dollars, which allowed us to open a new campus on Woodlawn Blvd. The new campus provided a new home for children living in the emergency shelter equipped with a gym, library, art studio, early childhood center, school and water-park. She also represented the agency at the national level by serving on the Child Welfare League of America board and, she championed the Girls Inc. of San Antonio program as an advisor to the National Girls Inc. Office.

Glenda was instrumental in creating the groundwork that would become our (Prevention) Family Strengthening Department. Glenda spearheaded the partnership with the San Antonio Independent School District and thePROJECT MOTHERS AND SCHOOLS (MAS) PROGRAM, which has helped over 3,000 teen moms continue their education and helped them become great parents. The success we experienced with Project MAS led to the development and implementation of the Compadre Y Compadre Program, Nurse Family Partnership Program and iParent® Program. With each passing season, The Children’s Shelter broadened its scope to provide care for children and families in crisis.

Mrs. Woods passed away in October of 2010. To honor and continue her legacy, The Children’s Shelter renamed the main campus, “The Glenda Woods Campus.” A statue of Glenda was placed in the campus garden, providing inspiration to all who see her, reminding us that one person can make a huge difference.
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