Morgan's Inclusion Initiative

Welcome!  To become an official volunteer you must select your desired entity below. Please select one of our 4 Ultra-Accessible facilities, and/or our Club Morgan Program, to learn more about volunteer opportunities at that location.


Morgans Inclusion Initiative is the 501c3 nonprofit public charity that coordinates fundraising, planning, and communication among all Morgan’s Wonderland-associated projects.  These include world-renowned Morgans Wonderland theme park, Morgans Inspiration Island splash park, Morgans Wonderland Sports complex, Morgans Wonderland Camp, and the Multi-Assistance Center at Morgans Wonderland, or The MAC. 


Moreover, Morgan’s Inclusion Initiative is a movement, a culture of inclusion.  Every day, Morgan’s Inclusion Initiative seeks to improve the quality of life for individuals of all ages and all abilities through programs, projects, and resources that produce fully-inclusive, Ultra-Accessible™ experiences.  Morgans Inclusion Initiative looks to generous organizations, businesses, and individuals to further increase the growth of the Morgan’s Wonderland “family” and help expand its shared mission of inclusion. Morgan’s Inclusion Initiative supports inclusion through robust programming at each of its venues and commits to being a leader in the worldwide movement of inclusion and accessibility.  In so doing, its focus is to empower, include, educate, and innovate.  Together with other like-minded people that embrace inclusion, Morgan’s Inclusion Initiative can be the spark that creates a more inclusive, more accessible world. 

Sustainable Development Goals
3,396 Impacts | 41,048 Hours | 1,229,396 Total Economic Impact