Plant Club


Our purpose is to build a fun, educational environment where students interested in plants can actively learn more about plants and their value to wildlife, landscaping, composting and people. Students will be able to participate in plant competitions and other hands on plant activities all while building teamwork, confidence, friendships, plant work related skills, and a sense of camaraderie. Our club mission is to foster interest in plants through hands on education and develop a place where those who share a common interest in plants can learn about their nature and benefits while sharing information. Our mission involves field collecting, identifying, mounting of plant specimens and developing a future live collection to learn about common Texas plants to include their scientific names and ecological associations. We strive to be strong competitors at the Intercollegiate Plant Identification Competitions across Texas to establish Texas A&M-SA as a leading university.
7 People | 13 Impacts | 84 Hours | 2,285 Total Economic Impact

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