Rowdy VOTES Coalition

Welcome to the Rowdy Vote Coalition group for managing volunteers over the next few months as we gear up for the November election.


Black Lives Matter, Secular Student Alliance, Intersections, Mexican American Studies Student Organization, College Democrats, the Student Government Association at UTSA, MOVE San Antonio, and Texas Rising at the University of Texas at San Antonio kicked off a campaign, Rowdy Vote, for the 2016 election cycle to get the UTSA community registered to vote and out to the polls on election day, November 8th.

The Rowdy Votes campaign continues today, but it starts with YOU! We're asking you to register and then pledge to vote in the upcoming election. Not registered to vote? We can help you out!

We'll also send you important information about the election, including information on the new Texas voter ID law, how to request and submit a mail in ballot, and the resources available to you as we draw closer to election day.

As students, our age group represents 25% of Texans that are eligible to vote. With that kind of power, we can shape Texas politics.

Register to Vote and Pledge to Vote now!
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