Catholic Charities: Court Monitor for Wards of the State

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Contact Claudia Flores to Volunteer
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Reports to:

Volunteer Coordinator: Claudia Flores; Court Monitor Coordinator Omar Morales, Court Monitors: Evangeline Rodriguez, Brendan O'Leary and terry Whalen. 

Purpose: To visit and assess the condition of individuals who have been placed under a guadianship (wards), in accordance with Sec 1054 of the Texas Estates code. 

Outcome: The Probate Court will be provided firsthand information about Wards under is supervision

Overall Outcome: To ensure the safety of Wads and to ensure that they are not being exploited or abused by others. 

Responsible for: 

  • Visits are to be scheduled upon receiving assignments. 
  • obtaining all information required to fully complete the court monitor report
  • completing and signing report form with observations from visit. 
  • Notifying guardianship staff in a timely manner if there are problems or concerns with assignment. 
  • Returning time sheet and mileage form (even if in-kind donation) for every visit. 

Needed Skills
  • Ability and desire to work with a wide variety of individuals, including people with significant physical and mental disabilities from different racial, socioeconomic and cultural backgrounds. 
  • Ability to remain objective and nonjudgmental in making reports to the court
  • ability to keep information confidential 
  • willingness to visit people in their homes, nursing homes, group homes, or other care facilities
  • Good communications and listening skills
  • Desire to be of service to the most vulnerable in our community.

  • Own reliable transportation, valid driver's license and car insurance if receiving mileage reimbursement 
  • Complete a volunteer application and provide references 
  • pass a criminal background check 
  • Good moral character and judgement

Orientation and Training
  • Attend orientation and training and shadow a staff member on a court visit. 

Time Commitment
  • Visits should last between 45 minutes to 1 hour. 
  • Minimum commitment of completing assigned visits to complete program hours. 

Benefits/Experience Gained
  • Court monitors will gain experience working as a court monitor for the probate court. 
  • Increased knowledge about individuals with a range of mental disabilities such as Alzheimer's, mental illness, intellectual disabilities, or a head injury
  • Travel to nursing homes, group homes, foster homes, and/or private homes to learn about various treatment and care settings

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18 and up
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