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Note: This is an open opportunity. Please contact the organization directly to volunteer. 

- (210)520-7734 

Volunteer Overview

Office Administrative Assistance 

  • Description: Office volunteers who join the NCH team assist in many different projects and activities within our office that are meaningful to the staff, patients and family. Although there are not patients in our home office, the work that the volunteer assists in directly benefits the families. We are a team full of compassionate people who work togeher towards the common goal of being a helping hand. 
  • Requirements for the Office Admin Volunteer: Application, Easy Training, Background Check, and Drug Test. 
** All costs are paid for by New Century Hospice

+ Hours: Anytime Monday-Friday from 8am-5pm 
+Great Resume Builder
+The experience that you will receive in our office will help you in every area in your journey

Patient Companionship
  • Description: Being a friend to a patient is the heart of NCH. Whether it is reading books, playing games, helping with activities, or just having conversations, it is very beneficial and meaningful to the patients and the family members. Enjoying your time by sharing your gifts and personality with others is truly a life well lived. Volunteers who join NCH patient companion team have a heart for people of all walks of life and are able to delight others with their own uniqueness and qualities. 
  • Requirements for Patient Companionship: Application, Easy Training, Background Check, Drug Test, CPR and in office TB Test Check
***All costs are paid for by New Century Hospice 

Volunteering with NCH is a great resume builder
+ The hours are very flexible (any time during the week) 

Contact to Volunteer
- (210)520-7734
19 Remaining
Opens Oct 28, 2018 7:00pm
Age Limit
18 and up
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