BSU Tabling for the Lip Sync Event

Monday, September 17th to Thursday, September 27th, 2018


The BSU is hosting its annual Lip Sync Battle and we need volunteers to help table for the event in the Coates Center (the open area on the first floor between the commons and the exit towards Northrop). The time slots are between 11:30 A.M to 1:00 P.M, and we are looking for anyone that can cover any open thirty-minute shifts to help facilitate sign-ups for our event. Only two people can table during a thirty-minute shift at a time, but there are no maximum times any person can help table.

*If you are covering the 11:30 A.M shift, retrieve the Lip Sync Banner from Student Involvement (this is the building where the old bookstore was and it is directly left of the Northrop exit). The banner should be located in the corner of the room near the rack with other student banners (choose the Lip Sync BSU Banner) 

*If you are covering the 1:00 P.M shift, return the banner to the same place.

Also, wait for the person covering your preceding shift to show up. And likewise, be mindful of other people's time and don't be late!

We would appreciate the help anyone could offer and will award volunteering credit via Givepulse.
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