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ENGin is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that offers Ukrainian students free 1-on-1 language practice and cross-cultural exchange by connecting them with English-speaking volunteers.

This is a unique opportunity for volunteers ages 14+ to make a difference in a Ukrainian’s life, as it is remote and only requires a minimum of 1 hour per week over a 10-12 week period. Volunteers create their own schedule, connect with people from around the globe, and gain valuable tutoring experience. We accept applications on a rolling basis and students can start volunteering whenever they are ready. Click here to get started!

Volunteering with ENGin also provides an exceptional real-world learning experience for your students, helping them see the war in Ukraine through the eyes of a Ukrainian peer. Click here to learn more!

Here's how it works: We'll pair you up with a Ukrainian student to video chat each week at times that are convenient for you. We match students and volunteers based on age, interests, and schedules. All of our students have a basic knowledge of English, and we also provide resources, activities, and ideas for you to use. Your speaking sessions can be 30-60 minutes long. To get started, click here.

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Requirement Details

ENGin has 3 main criteria for volunteers:

  1. AgeYou should be at least 14 years old.

  2. English fluency: Volunteers should be native English speakers or fluent in English (English level of C1-C2).

  3. Commitment: Volunteers should be ready to dedicate 1 hour a week to ENGin for at least 10-12 weeks. If you're looking for more hours, we can accommodate that, too!

You don't need teaching experience to volunteer with ENGin. Our learners have all studied English grammar and vocabulary and can carry on a conversation. Volunteers are not expected to prepare or deliver formal lessons - rather, they chat informally with their buddies to help them practice and improve their spoken English. However, if you are a skilled English tutor or teacher, we would be honored to have your professional expertise as well!

Why Volunteer with ENGin?

1. Make an impact without leaving your room: ENGin offers a unique opportunity to make a difference in a Ukrainian's life, all from your laptop or phone.

2. Create your own schedule: It can be tough to fit volunteering into a busy schedule! ENGin offers volunteers maximum flexibility: you decide when to schedule speaking sessions with your student.

3. Connect with people across the globe: The opportunity for intercultural exchange is one of the best aspects of our program. Learn about a new culture and share stories about your own life.

4. Get valuable one-on-one tutoring experience: With resources and support from our team, you'll gain valuable skills such as asking good questions and forming a strong working relationship.
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